The Kingdom Business Project equips the global church to establish micro-businesses and plant healthy reproducing churches among unengaged and unreached people groups.

Through an “End to End Strategy” the Kingdom Business Project provides church planters with tools for evangelism, orality, and Bible translation.


For the past 15 years the Holy Spirit has been moving in dramatic fashion in some of the most restricted nations on earth.  In the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia people are becoming Jesus followers and planting house churches in unprecedented numbers as a result of the Kingdom Business Project activities.

Value Proposition

The Kingdom Business Project (KBP) is founded on two value propositions:

  1. When we empower someone with a profitable, sustainable business we free them from a life of terror, give them hope for the future, and an ability to support their family.
  2. Successful businesses in a community create a platform for local church growth.

The Kingdom Business Project is empowering “seed” teams who speak the local trade languages and know the customs and traditions. Businesses are created and welcomed into these communities, resulting in relationships to share Jesus and plant churches.  The final frontier of world missions, these groups are no longer “unengaged or unreached”.

Project Leadership


The core leadership team is comprised of first generation Jesus followers from Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist backgrounds.  Many of them have come to faith through dreams and visions of Jesus. They have been discipled, baptized, and learn God's word in underground churches.  

By managing this steady pipeline of leaders, the Kingdom Business Project has developed the human capital needed for rapid expansion to the unengaged and unreached over the next thirty months.


The "Seed Team"

The heart of each Kingdom Business Project is the Seed Team. Together, five trained individuals start village-based businesses, build relationships with local people, introduce the name of Jesus and start house churches in the community.

With their families, Seed Teams are often sent to an area that has never heard the Gospel. They work together to begin several small businesses, each of which is designed to maximize contact with other village citizens, giving a platform to interact with their new neighbors and share Jesus with them.

To send a Seed Team into the field requires an investment of $20,000 US. This provides the necessary funding to send the team to their new home, capitalize their businesses, and provide support during the first few months until their business is stable and profitable. Team members are required to provide monthly updates to their "regional manager," and six times a year complete additional training in church planting, growth, and discipleship.

Seed Team business profits are pooled and used to support additional teams, often self-supporting in a region after 18-24 months.

The Effectiveness of Kingdom Business Project

Over fifteen years in the field, KBP has identified 32 business models that provide the best opportunity for success in rural locations. These are enterprises such as a general grocery store, dairy, poultry, auto repair, bakery, tailoring, sheep and wool. All Seed Team members are trained and cross-trained in several of these proven business models.

By the start of 2016, business starts totaled 1155. 72% of these have survived and are still active. The majority of business closures were due to radical Islam. An additional 50 Seed Teams were sent out in May and June, 2016.

By the end of 2016, we estimate that house churches will be established amongst these most difficult people to reach.

"End to End Strategy”

To learn more about this inter-agency movement to bring the Gospel to the final frontiers of world missions, and to see how you and your church can partner with us, please contact The Kingdom Business Project.